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**PLEASE NOTE** We are a small rescue run by a small team of volunteers and fosters. With this, our adoption process can move very fast. Please only submit your Adoption Application when you are ready to adopt within 2-5 days of application submission. If you have plans in the near future and would like to adopt after your plans are complete, please wait to submit your application. We DO NOT hold dogs as this limits us from saving the next dog or placing a dog into a wonderful home to adjust that much sooner. Many dogs we save are very close to being euthenized because of over population and we strive to save as many as possible, but can only do so when our fosters have room. We have sadly seen many of our dogs stay in the rescue longer than anticipated because adopters didn't disclose that they weren't ready to adopt for weeks some times even months during their adoption meet-and-greet. 

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