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Our Dogs


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All of our sweet pups big or small, young or old are being socialized daily with other dogs, adults, and most importantly children. They are ALL in homes being cared for by people who LOVE them! Each and every one of our dogs with PROPER TRAINING, EXCERCISE, BOUNDRIES, & STRUCTURE will make beautiful additions to their new families!

Before Adopting 

Before adopting a dog based on looks or cuteness, assess what kind of dog will work best, based on your lifestyle. For example, do you live an active life?  Do you enjoy hiking, running, or walking? If so, we recommend adopting a dog with a moderate to high energy level. If you aren't looking for such an energetic dog, but more so a dog who wants to relax all day, then we recommend an older dog or a dog with that personality. 


Everyone loves puppies; how could you not?! However, puppies require a ton of work, time, and energy. If you are someone who works all day and does not have the means necessary to check on the puppy every so often, or have someone to take care of the puppy, we do not recommend adopting a young dog. However, if you have your heart set on adopting a puppy, we recommend looking at puppies that are at least 3 or more months old. They will still require a lot of attention, but not as much as an 8 week old pup. Remember, the more effort you put into the puppy, the better behaved the dog will be. 


By adopting a senior dog, you are providing that dog with his or her final home. We highly encourage the adoption of these beautiful, well hearted dogs. However, you must be prepared both emotionally and financially for the responsibility of caring for an elder dog. Some of these dogs will eventually need medication, extra veterinary procedures, and will have some loss of bladder control, which requires patience of the adopter. You also have to prepare yourself that you may not have this dog for years and years, but you will know that the time the dog spent with you will have been the best time of their life and that they will be forever appreciative of you! 

If you don't know what type of dog you are looking for...

Talk to us! Describe your lifestyle. Are you active, are you home a lot, do you travel, do you have insurance or apartment requirements, do you have cats? These are some good questions to keep in mind


ADOPTING IS A LONG TERM COMMITMENT and choice. We want to ensure the best possible match for you and your lifestyle. We also always welcome those with the ability to foster. Fostering is a vital part of our rescue in order for us to rescue and home dogs. Our rescue is able to continue saving dogs because of our wonderful fosters who care for and house them until they are adopted.


American Staffordshire Terrier & French Bulldog Mix- female

Sushi is a sweet girl that absolutely loves to play fetch, and lay in the sun. She is full of excitement and loves experiencing the world around her! Although Sushi is super into cuddling, and is very loving with her adult humans, she is clueless at how to respect little kiddos. So, we would ideally like to see Sushi in a home with no young children. Additionally, Sushi has a strong personality even at such a young age. This girl definitely needs to go to someone who can be a confident leader to her~ no first timers for Sushi! A DNA test has been done on Sushi, and has shown her to be a mix of mostly, Staffordshire terrier, French bulldog and boxer, along with other breeds. Sushi is 4 and a half months old, and weighs around 27 lbs.

 $450 + Good with other dogs + Up to date on age appropriate vaccines + Spayed/Neutered + Microchipped + Fostered in Connecticut 


Siberian Husky- female

Beautiful Bella was living in the woods of SC. Apparently, she was with another dog that was said to be her offspring. He ended up getting shot by someone who thought they were coyotes. Animal control picked Bella up and brought her to a shelter.
Even though Bella is very nervous of humans, she is very sweet to them. We have seen absolutely no aggression at all, in any way. It seems like she really wants to learn more about people, and become more comfortable with them. Multiple volunteers in our rescue have been even licked by her! In the handful of days we have had her, we have definitely seen improvement! Bella plays beautifully will other dogs, is extremely quiet, and is wonderful in the crate.
*At this time, Bella is only being offered to be fostered. Before we officially adopt her out, the potential adopter needs to show that they are committed to working with her, and providing her with the love, patience and training she so desperately needs. She is 2 years old, and weighs 50 lbs.

 $450 + Up to date on age appropriate vaccines + Spayed/Neutered + Microchipped + Fostered in Connecticut 

Lady Cluck

Mastiff & Boxer Mix - Female

Lady Cluck is a DARN NICE DOG. She is very kind and very sweet. She is also very calm. This girl just wants to be your friend and she just wants to be with you. She is affectionate, social, and always seems to be a calm version of happy. Lady Cluck needs to find a home with a CALM, STRONG, CONFIDENT, EXPERIENCED handler as she has behavior issues with human food. She is 2 years old and weighs 72lbs. Because she is such a strong dog, we will not adopt her out to a family with small children, but older teenagers are a possibility.

 $400 + Up to date on age appropriate vaccines + Spayed/Neutered + Microchipped + Fostered in Connecticut 


Beagle/Boxer Mix- female

Sweet little Maude is super adorable and sweet! She was brought in as a stray to a shelter in SC with her babies. Now that the little ones have all found homes of their own, Maude is ready for hers. Being great with all dogs and people, peppy and social, not to mention, fabulous in the crate, this little girl will make a super fun addition to any loving family! Maude is 2 years old and weighs 24 lbs.

 $450 + Good with other dogs + Good with kids + Up to date on age appropriate vaccines + Spayed/Neutered + Microchipped + Fostered in Connecticut 


Bloodhound - female

Ethel is a sweet girl from South Carolina. She seems kind to all, including dogs, and most importantly, children. Ethel is friendly, and goes with the flow.
She is 3 years old and weighs 71 lbs.

 $450 + Good with other dogs + Good with kids + Up to date on age appropriate vaccines + Spayed/Neutered + Microchipped + Fostered in Connecticut 


black & tan coonhound - male

Zeus is a typical hound, sweet, goofy, and innocent. He gets along with everyone, and doesn't seem to have a mean bone in his body. Zeus is 1 year old, and weighs 52 lbs.

 $450 + Good with other dogs + Good with kids + Up to date on age appropriate vaccines + Spayed/Neutered + Microchipped + Fostered in Connecticut