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Adoption Process

We know that the adoption process can be challenging and confusing, especially if it's your first time adopting. A Pups' Pizzazz aims to make the adoption process simple and fun! We have an adoption application that can be filled out and submitted on our website. 


  1. In order to give our pups their best shot at a wonderful forever home, WE DO NOT HOLD DOGS for applicants who are unable to bring home a dog after an approved application and approved meet-and-greet. We still encourage you to fill out an application when you begin looking, but if there will be a period of time before you are ready to bring a new dog home, we cannot guarantee that any particular dog will still be available when you are ready to adopt.

  2. Many dogs receive multiple applications and our volunteers work as fast as they can to approve great candidates to continue with our adoption process. With this, there may be multiple approved applicants that would make wonderful adopters, interested in the same dog. Those approved applicants that are able to schedule a meet-and-greet sooner rather than later have the best chance to be approved in the last step of our adoption process and are able to bring home the pup.

  3. If you are interested in a pup that has been adopted, we will contact you with this update. Please do not be discouraged. If you are an approved adopter, we will do whatever we can to match you with another wonderful pup.

  4. Our rescue is run by a small team of volunteers and while we make every effort to keep all sites in which we advertise our pups up-to-date, you may see some variation from site to site as our volunteers are limited on time. Feel free to email us if you want to know if a particular pup is still available for adoption or if you like our rescue and would like for us to have your application on file regardless of which pups are currently available, please go straight to filling out an adoption application.



  1. Once we have reviewed your application, a resue representative will contact you letting you know whether or not your application has been approved.

  2. If a potential adopter is approved, a meet and greet visit will be scheduled.  

  3. If a successful match is made, the adopter and rescue will complete the adoption process with a contract, which becomes binding once the adoption fee is paid.

  4. Medical paperwork will be discussed with the adopter and then the pup will go home with their family that very same day with a leash and collar! 


*Adoption fees and donations can be given through Venmo.*

We are a small rescue that deeply cares for and loves all of our dogs. Adoption fees are put toward shelter pull-fees (yes, we have to pay to save them from kill shelters!), boarding, transportation, spay/neuter, vaccines, state health certificates, microchipping, veterinary care, and food. 

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