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About Us

A Pups' Pizzazz Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We pull all of our dogs from high kill shelters located in South Carolina and are able to care for these dogs soley through the loving hearts and open homes of fosters in the New England area, predominately Connecticut. We are dedicated to saving the lives of innocent dogs, whose only crime was being born! All our dogs are living in and cared for by foster homes. Please know that this means we do not have a facility in which you are able to come and visit. We are fully run by volunteers and if you would like to meet a particular dog or two, a volunteer will happily schedule a time to bring the dog to your home or you may meet them at one of the upcomong adoption events in which we are a guest. 

With the help from our volunteers and fosters, when our dogs arrive, we take them into our care where we ensure they receive proper veterinary care, high quality food, socialization, love, and affection! We try our best to teach them manners and socialize them as much as possible! We are dedicated to ensuring these pups are safe and healthy so that they may find their forever loving home!


We unfortunately do not have a facility in which the public can visit. All dog meet and greets, visits, and adoptions will be conducted in public pre-approved and agreed upon locations by the rescue and the potential adopter.

Our Mission 

Bringing happiness to people through the love of animals in need.

Here at A Pups' Pizzazz we strive to save homeless, unloved, unwanted canines by opening our hearts, so that one day they find their forever home. By doing so, we provide the canine companion with the best possible life, turning them from having nobody to having somebody calling them a loved one, best friend, and family member. Not only does the canine benefit, but the human companion does as well, in more ways than one. 

A Pups' Pizzazz Rescue understands the canine-human bond, and for that, we embrace it. Through the love of one very special canine companion, who taught us how to love and how to be loved, we are able to help both dogs and humans find one another.

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